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London Collection: Men’s (Part 2): Orschel Read

London Collection: Men’s (Part 2): Orschel Read

A/W 13

Now that you have read about Jenny Schwarz’s presentation, let me move on to Orschel Read!

It was difficult to not notice his extravagant A/W13 collection full of vibrant colour and eye-catching designs. As a female, I’m personally trying to embrace outfits with patterns as I seem to be more of a “colour-block chick”. I don’t usually favour that male outfits have patterns but Orschel Read’s collection made me change my mind.

It was interesting having some moments to discuss with Orschel Read himself , the story behind his eclectic collection. I realised that it was associated with the actor Bill Nighy but based on his role in the film “The Boat that Rocked”. As I had never saw the film, I made sure to conduct an image search and immediately found great resemblances between Bill Nighy and  Orschel Read’s Collection. However, after doing some more research in the area I found that the collection had a more symbolic meaning and represented Nighy’s eccentric character throughout the film.

Orschel Read wearing his A/W13 Collection

The main thing I loved about the collection was that although the designs featured a carefully selected pallete of colour – much attention was paid to the actual tailoring and structure of the clothes. This is something I always look out for when buying clothes as I have seen much decline in this area over time. On many occasions, I have gone to see new designers with unusual designs, fantastic patterns that completely blow my mind! When I get the opportunity to examine it up close, I notice that no attention has been paid to the creating the actual clothes itself… which can be upsetting – as it’s no use have fantastic designs if it wont be able to keep together.

Below I have attached some designs of clothes that I like from the collection. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on it below!

Orschel Read Jumper

Orschel Read Colour Block Coat

Orschel Read A/W13 Blazer - Another grey jacket I loved

Orschel Read - Long coat the last grey piece... i promise!

Close up of Orschel Read

The A/W13 Collection

Model Showcasing Read's Intricate Pattern Suit

Model showcasing Read's Beautiful Jacket

Model wearing Read's Well Tailored suit

Toni tran from Fashitects - He wasn't wearing Orschel Read but his style was great!

3 Orschel Read models with Jenny Schwarz Model (Far Right)

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