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High Street Fashion Week Press Launch

High Street Fashion Week Press Launch

If you’ve been following my tweets (@FashionClutter) you will notice that I have been somewhat following High Street Fashion Week. Although the week is over, I wanted to give a summary of brands that had caught my eye during the press launch earlier last week.

What is it?

When I first came across High Street Fashion Week, I almost didn’t want to cover it. I thought it would be full of the current brands that we have on our streets today. Although, I am fond of popular high street brands (and shop there too) – my main aim of my blog is to give a voice to the new and up and coming brands of today. I realised that High Street Fashion Week promoted  up and coming brands that will hopefully on a street near you. Here is a list of brands that caught my eye:

Elisha Francis

The first designer was a great jewellery designer called Elisha Francis and I loved her jewellery because I could see (with my bare eyes!!!) that it was made to a high standard… and high standard brands are what I PERSONALLY regard as luxury fashion… not the price tag. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t interview Elisha further to discuss the inspiration behind her creations but check out the lovely items she was wearing. If you click on the links it will take you directly to a place you can buy them.

Elisha Francis 1
Elisha Francis
Elisha Francis
Elisha wearing her Cordelia Necklace – this image is smaller than usual because I cropped it a bit!
Elisha Francis 2
Elisha wearing her Spellbound bracelet, black skull bracelet, black and gold sparkle skull bracelet and rainbow ring

Zoieanne London

If you thought that knitting was for nannies then you definitely haven’t met Zoieanne. I liked Zoieanne’s stand because I hadn’t seen anyone do anything like the design below with knitting. The gorgeous design used a lovely mix of popular lace and of course a combination of spring pastel knits. One thing I loved about it is that when I asked about her inspiration behind the design she mentioned yummy marshmallows. Since the press launch I have been perusing her pretty pink site, and it was great to see that Zoieanne’s services go further then design she offers classes for people of all ages so I strongly recommend that you go and give her site a good look at!

Zoieanne 1
Knitwear by Zoieanne
Zoieanne 2
Knitwear up close – it looks like Marshmallows!
Zoieanne 3
The person behind the designs – Zoieanne herself!

Kizmet Jewellery

Here is a designer I hope to do more coverage on as time goes on… I definitely think they will be on our streets very soon (just like the other designers I’ve mentioned!) I actually came across Kizmet Designs before the press launch and was pleased that I could finally see the collection myself and the verdict is nothing but POSITIVE! Kizmet have a wide range of jewellery to choose from that have all been thought about in quirky ways. Below, I’ve put my best shots of their jewellery but don’t forget to peruse the website as well!

Kizmet Jewellery 1
Kizmet Jewellery
Kizmet Jewellery 2
Jewellery from the Batik Collection

Kimet Jewellery 3

The Holiday Boutique

The holiday season is near and I think that The Holiday Boutique may well be your best friends during the summer… or anytime you want some unique bikinis. These guys really sell a celebrity style range of attire at an affordable price.  I have felt these designs with my own hands and it is absolutely first class. Their range of clothes varied and there are styles to suit all personalities: daring monokini’s, tongue-in-cheek statement bikinis and lovely girly swimsuits. Please give their site a good peruse as there is a lot more I discovered online following the event.

The Holiday Boutique – Handmade Bikini Top
Bikini bottoms from the statement collection
Statement bikini bottoms

Frills by AD

Who does Throwback Thursday’s on Twitter and Instagram here? Anyone? Because if you do I’ll be taking you back in time with this lovely range created by Annaliese Dayes – a Britain and Ireland Next Top Model Final Contestant. She’s taken us back to the primary school days when we (girls) use to wear frilly socks except this time it is a little more edgy! Only a few seasons ago socks came back on trend but I feel like Frills by AD has a timeless edge to it. The concept is pretty simple: socks with pretty frills on it but it’s what you can do with its simplicity that strikes me the most. If you check out the online store there is actually a lot that you can do with frills! My favourite in her range are the Gold Ribbon frill and Floral frill but check out the site as I’m sure there are other designs that you will like!

Annaliese Dayes
Model and presenter – Annaliese Dayes
Frills by AD 1
Frills by AD
Frills by AD 2
Gold ribbon frill socks – my fave!

Mia Bonassii

Last but never least is Mia Bonassi. I loved this brand because a lot of TLC had been taken into the actual design and there was a beautiful story of inspiration that went behind it. I was listening to the story from both sisters behind it and loved that they felt that design was only natural as their parents had “swagger” and were pretty “fly”. The sisters were obviously raised by the coolest parents around that naturally bred a creative environment that allowed them to blossom their talents within jewellery designs. Also, the great designer name is a play on  family names – it’s pretty catchy huh? The lighting at the venue was slightly dark which means my pictures probably don’t share how lovely the pieces are in real life. I was also gifted with a red beaded bracelet with a gold cuff which is absolutely beautiful – thanks again guys!

Mia Bonassii 1
A selection from Mia Bonassii
Mia Bonassii 3
More from Mia Bonassii…
Mia Bonnassii 2
Lovely Packaging

Please designers if you would like any images emailed to you contact me using the Contact Form and I’ll send it out to you as soon as possible.

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