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#FOF with Jordan Victor Harrison

#FOF with Jordan Victor Harrison

At the moment you are only 18 yet you have had so much fashion experience, what is it about fashion that attracted you to it?

Well once I finished school I took up a part time internship with a celebrity stylist where I got my first insight into what goes on behind the scenes. I absolutely loved it and that got me very attracted to the fashion industry. Once my internship ended I was thinking of studying fashion full time although I was hesitant as to what my friends might think… then news broke around the same time that Kanye West was coming to London to study fashion! The whole controversy he faced inspired me to just go for it!

You’re also studying fashion at Ravensbourne Art and Design College whilst ALSO working for Pause Magazine. How are you finding the course and what are your day to day duties with Pause Magazine?

Yes the course is amazing! Ravensbourne’s such a beautiful place to study with hi-tech facilities. You get great help from tutors plus some talented people in fashion like Stella McCartney went there. I’m a writer at Pause so I write weekly online plus for each issue of the magazine. I assist with some style shoots which is great as I love styling and writing so I’m lucky the editor lets me dabble in both areas. The team and I are like one big family and things are going really well for the magazine at the moment.


From time to time many of my friends talk about how fashion is affecting the younger generation. What are your thoughts on fashion and the younger generation?

I think the positive impact it’s had on the younger generation is great, but I also think its important finding the right balance and not dressing too mature as you’re still just a kid. Like take Willow Smith for example, it’s great she uses fashion as an outlet to express herself but at the same time she’s only 12 years and can dress quite inappropriate which is worrying.

Oooo…. controversial! Moving on, fashion media claim that there has been uproar in the demand for Men’s clothing. Do you think that the London Collections Men have helped with this? How?

Definitely! I’m so happy the collections first started here in London, It really shook the fashion world by saying men’s fashion needs its own spot light and not just to be shoved in one slot at the regular fashion week. I also notice in a lot of high street stores now the men’s section is just as big as the women’s compared to how small it used to be years ago.

How would you describe your style?

I would say I don’t have a distinct genre of style like it changes quite a lot like last year I was really into grunge and preppy vintage but now this year I love my leather, sportswear and bold prints, but I really do enjoy taking risks with my fashion just because I enjoy challenging myself.

List three things you do every day to ensure that your style is your style?

I try to make it look as unique as possible, Take a risk and never leave the house without my Michael Kors watch.

What makes a good outfit?

Character, personality and a killer jacket, you can’t go wrong with a jacket!

There are still some men out there that are awkward when dealing with men’s fashion. Do you think men will become more experimental with clothes in the later years?

I hope so, I can already see it starting in some places but I think it would be great to see guys take a better approach/interest in fashion and what they wear.

What is the biggest thing you are looking forward to this season in menswear fashion?

Wearing some summer clothes of course! I’m heading to Spain in a few weeks so I need to buy some new shorts and t-shirts, Versace and Katie Eary have some great printed ones in their summer collection.

What’s the best way for someone to contact you on social media?

I’m always using twitter on the go so there @__jdn and also my website where you can view my work and what I’m up to at

Check out below my mini street style shoot with Jordan below:












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