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Balance Festival: Unwrapped

Balance Festival: Unwrapped


As you know, if you were following my Insta stories last week – you would have seen that I was busy attending the amazing Balance Festival! Although, the festival has come to an end, I am here to reduce all your feelings of FOMO and give you a wrap up of the best brands that I found during my time last week.


As soon as you enter Balance Festival, you are fully immersed in to an awesome food market full of popular brands that you love as well as lesser known brands. I wanted to highlight some of the brands that I believed you may want to look out for in the future.

Just Bee Drinks

I am a massive advocate of healthy food that tastes nice, I don’t believe that to be healthy we must endure food that smells and tastes like it is from the ground! Just Bee Drinks specialises in honey water and it tastes fabulous. At the moment, the drink comes in three flavours and my absolute favourite is the apple and ginger (although it does seem equally split between their other flavours Blueberry and Lemon and Green Tea). I used the honey water in one of my smoothies as an alternative to coconut water and I would highly recommend it for future recipes.


I know that the sparkling drinks trade is absolutely saturated with plenty to choose from but I can’t help but feel as though, these guys need a special shout out (Zeo Drinks). They had a fantastic stand during the day of the event and their natural sparkling drinks are so refreshing you would have to give it a try! My personal favourite was the peach and grapefruit flavour.


Escape and Bake

As you know, I am a sucker for a sweet tooth but I absolutely love the concept of Escape and Bake. They have a dairy free, gluten-free and pretty much anything else you want your goodies to be free from. I had a taste of their cakes and it tasted great (it didn’t taste like it was free from anything). Escape and Bake are available for individual orders but also cater to events so make sure you check them out.

Health and Beauty


Firstly, Scentered was one of the stands that most caught my eye because it looked beautiful. The main thing that caught my attention was the gorgeous scents that they were coming from. Scentered have a wide range of candles, fragrances, balms and soaps that aim to completely ensure that you live a balanced lifestyle. There are multiple fragrances to ensure that you stay focused, grounded, calmed, relaxed and so much more.


I became completely intrigued with this natural cosmetics and skincare brand that is based on African roots. I was able to speak to the owner as well as discover some of their products such as shea butter and handmade African black soap. LIHA’s products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free from parabens and chemicals and I think I’ll be trying it out soon so look out for a review!



There were many fashion brands present at Balance Festival but there was one brand that stood out to me and that was Harvey and Mills. If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I am addicted to prints and when I saw the pastel print colour palette, it was love at first sight.

Especially when the owner’s dachshund is responsible for some of the creative input!



There is nothing more inspiring than hearing people in the industry give talks about fitness and during my time on Sunday, I could squeeze in two talks.

The first was about fitness no-go’s in the fashion industry and debunking the myths of female fitness. I wanted to give you some of the facts that I learnt in bullet points:

  • Bulking is apparently more of a male thing then it is a female thing. The art of bulking is to build lots of muscle and eat more but this usually works easier for males because they have more muscle mass and would usually eat more. For a woman to bulk, it would take a lot more bulking than usual.
  • A lot of women enjoy calorie counting. I’ll be honest and say that I personally do not agree with it but during the talk, we were recommended ensuring that when calorie counting, it is important to ensure that you are not going through a calorie deficit which can lead you to have some great exhaustion.
  • Finally remember that what works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily work for you so when building an exercise regime, it must be custom to you. Do not fall into the fad exercise trap as it is something that is very hard to get out of, make sure that your exercise works for you.


I also managed to listen to another talk discussing body love and body confidence and have added the highlights from the talk on my Instagram below.

I really liked that there was a suitable talk for everyone; men, women, beginner fitness followers and professionals. I think this is something that made the Balance Festival stand out in comparison to other festivals because when I attend talks I usually hear things that I already know (lol). I felt like the talks I attended pushed the boundaries and explored areas that the traditional fitness world doesn’t.

There was more?

I am only one person so I obviously didn’t have the chance to do everything but throughout the day there was a wide range of classes that you could participate. As I already participate in such classes in my spare time, I didn’t think that it would be essential but some of the classes included:

Barry’s Bootcamp

Another Space

Third Space



Boom Cycle



I am really gutted that I didn’t attend any kitchen demonstrations in the Live Cooking Theatre because I am always up for attending new cookery classes but throughout the day we had expert’s chefs from up and coming brands, as well as well-known restaurants, share their tips.

One thing I loved about Balance Festival is that there were so many breakout spaces with DJ’s and places that you could eat some real healthy food.

I’m going to get my ticket next year especially since it was my favourite part of London – East London (shout out to the hometown!!!). The only thing I would do differently is to make sure that I attend two days instead of one!

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