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An Interview with… Jess D – Founder of By Jess D

An Interview with… Jess D – Founder of By Jess D

By Jess D is a new beauty brand that was created in July 2019. Jess D started her career as a fashion and beauty influencer and during this time had the opportunity to challenge the media industry’s idea of beauty. As 23rd July 2019 is the brand’s birthday, we catch up with the founder to get a better idea of her views of the beauty industry and her future plans with the brand.


Millennialclutter: Hey Jess!  Thanks so much for giving me some of your time – It is appreciated and I’m excited to find out more about the ins and outs of Jess D 🙂

What does beauty mean to you?

Jess D: Beauty means freedom! It is a way you can express yourself with a flick of a brush, or a swipe of a lipstick.

Do you think that social media has currently altered the perception of beauty? What do you think has changed in beauty perception in the last 10 years?

Oh definitely! First of all, you see people of different skin tones, and not the regular blonde hair and blue eye aesthetic fed to us as “the” standard of beauty. You are also seeing male presenting people doing makeup too, which is cool. Not to mention, people experiment more, than just the classic smokey eye. It’s made beauty accessible, to be honest.

Are there any brands that inspired you to get into the beauty world?

Well, there’s been a few, but Fenty Beauty really pushed me to launch By Jess D. Because it stands for inclusivity in the beauty industry! Something that was needed and will always be needed. Not to mention the products are banging. Fenty made beauty accessible but did it in a cool and creative way. I want By Jess D to stay true to our roots but push the boundaries creatively.

Amazing, tell us a bit more about your brand and the journey you have taken to get to where you are today?

By Jess D is an inclusive brand all about creating amazing lip products for different skin tones. We’re cruelty-free, our lip products last ages and we’re affordable but produce high-quality content. It’s our 1 year birthday on the 23rd July, and international – so we ship worldwide.

It’s been a journey, where I constantly worked with different manufacturers to bring what I knew was needed to the market. We aim to expand into face products very soon which is all very exciting!

Do you have any favourite lipsticks that you would recommend to anyone within your collection?

“Rum Cake” is our nude brown that suits all skin tones! Honestly, this colour always sells out. Embrace and Slay are nude pink glosses that are so beautiful on all different skin tones.

Do you have any tips for using the product for new buyers that are new to the brand?

Make sure you prep your lips with a lip scrub and lip balm to get a nice smooth base for your lips. When using the liquid velvet lipsticks, draw an outline of your lips, and then fill in.

When using the lipgloss follow the same steps! I like to use the liquid velvet lipsticks as a liner before using our lipglosses. All products are blendable.

I have noticed that your brand celebrates diversity and this seems to be a trending topic with many beauty brands – what are your thoughts on this? What do brands need to do to ensure that it is not JUST a trending topic?

They need to continue to use different models in everything including swatches and more. They need to continue to create products for everyone and ask for feedback from diverse groups to create the best product.

Where do you see the beauty industry going now, especially in a post-pandemic world?

Technology and beauty definitely. Maybe some AI applications to help you try the makeup before purchasing? That would be cool, but definitely technology will work closely with beauty.

Are we allowed to know what is next up, for By Jess D?

Where would be the fun in that if I revealed that now? Just know it’ll be DOPE.

What is the one beauty tip that you would pass on to others and could not live without?

To get your liquid liner to last longer, use a kohl liner first as a base then go over with a liquid liner.

How can readers interact and follow the By Jess D?

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our birthday and we will have a limited edition birthday set that you can buy on the main site. You can follow us on social media:

Instagram: @byjessd

Twitter: @byjessd

Facebook: @byjessdofficial

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