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Flashback Fashion Week: Alexander Groover

Flashback Fashion Week: Alexander Groover

My first experience of London Fashion Week was an interesting one! I remember heading down to St Giles on the Field Church to find out about Alexander Groover –  a new designer that I never knew much about but had heard of many times. Finally I had the opportunity to view her garments in the flesh. It was also interesting because it was my first time at a fashion presentation – in all honesty, I didn’t know what it was but I thought that it would be good for me to go with the flow!

To set the scene, I approached a majestic church in the middle of Central London and immediately got a feel of what Alexandra Groover was all about. Approaching the isle, I noticed her Afterlife” fashion film on loop. You can find the video below!

My views on the collection? In summary, the collection is very black and minimalistic but I don’t think that it’s a bad thing – it’s actually something I’m not use to seeing. Nowadays, designers collections can often be confusing. Although they base their theme (or get their inspiration) on one topic, they can sometimes try a bit too hard to create the feeling of variety for the consumer resulting in an unfocused collection.

The main thing I liked about Groover was her use of the little motifs throughout her collection – it makes it unique and sophisticated. My favourite piece  one was the all over cut out top with open back. I’m a sucker for cut out clothing but I love the piece more because it also has an open back. I know this was Groover’s S/S 13 collection but I think a long sleeve open back top is a sophisticated way to make an entrance this season. Another item, I liked was the use of material for the hat (below).


Alexandra Groover’s collection is overall slightly dark, subtly gothic but very relaxed. The pieces she had were loose and comfortable.It will be interesting to see Grover’s development over the years. I’ve left some more pictures for you to look at below.





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