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London Collection: Men’s (Part 1): Jenny Schwarz

London Collection: Men’s (Part 1): Jenny Schwarz


Although a live link was present on FashionClutter, I found it unfortunate that I wasn’t able to cover any shows myself as I had done for London Fashion Week.

Fortunately, it was to my delight that I was able to attend a presentation of two designer whom I had never heard of (as I’m still considered a newbie on the fashion scene!).

Jenny Schwarz was the first designer that caught my eye. Not because her designs were outrageous but more because of the tenuous thought process she had gone through before bringing her clothes to life.

Designer - Jenny Schwarz
Designer – Jenny Schwarz

The first item that caught my eye was these trousers below. It was simplistic yet eye catching. I often worry that men’s fashion can sometimes be too extravagant for the modern man so really appreciated the beautiful motifs in what one would consider normal.

Jenny Schwarz Trousers Simple but powerful

It was also great hearing the inspiring story of Jesse Jackson that became the core ingredient of inspiration for designer, Jenny Schwarz. Jesse James was well known for his notoriety during the late 1800’s, as a gang member he often spent time with peers from farming communities. Members from such backgrounds were never able to purchase new clothes due to its lack of accessibility and the inability to often tailor their clothes like more affluent members of society. It was then rule that those from poorer backgrounds bought ready to wear clothes. The collection plays on the irony that although the affluent often replaced their clothes for new ones they ended in the hand of less affluent communities as new clothes were to difficult to sell at a high price and often became the cheapest item to buy.

Below I have attached some pictures of my favourite items from the collection.


Jenny Schwarz Clothes Collection

I loved this jacket... I'd buy it!

Jenny Schwarz Coat - A longer alternative to the coat I loved

Blazer and Shirt

Model Portrait

Model Thomas Sargeant wearing Jenny Schwarz Collection

Close up!

The Collection


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