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An Interview with RePhlexx Designs – Marsha Bigby

An Interview with RePhlexx Designs – Marsha Bigby

Firstly, when I first came across your brand … I thought your clothes line name was really interesting. Why did you choose the name RePhlexx Designs?

I started customising clothing in college, screen printing & spray painting plain garments and at the time my nickname was ‘Phlexx’ (as I also use to dance & was flexible). The ‘Re’ was added as I was essentially redesigning/remixing boring clothing items so the name fell together from that and I’ve stuck with it as I’ve progressed the concept of the label.

Many up and coming designers from your college tend to launch overtly luxury brands – what was your main motivation for going into urban sportswear? Do you think it was due to your experiences as a person or something else?

I think that when someone designs and starts their own label the theme/style stems from a passion and a hint of personal taste or what they fin aesthetically pleasing. I guess my choice of doing ‘urban’/sports fashion has stemmed from having an active lifestyle and my live for urban street culture across the world. At university I did also try to make a point of not trying to do what a lot of the others were typically doing around me and to find my own path as I didn’t feel I needed to fit in to the London College of Fashion cliché.

I’m a person with many interests; I love basketball, dance, hip hop culture and so much more!!! As fashion is so closely interlinked with culture, are there any idols outside of the fashion industry you look to for inspiration?

There are definitely influences outside of fashion I very rarely look to other designers for inspiration style wise but I do keep an eye on emerging trends.

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone to be honest. I like to check out cultural and art exhibitions, taking whatever catches my eye and then taking that element and transforming it into a fashion idea. Or even looking into a style of a music icon and drawing something from them. I try not go back to the same theme or look to the same people to keep it fresh.

I loved the collection we recently shot together; I wanted to know the inspiration behind it. Is it trying to tell a story or does it represent a type of person?

Thank you. The idea started out while watching a music video channel and noticing the theme of futurism running through a lot of them. I took this idea and wanted to add another dimension the stood out from it and then give myself a challenge of bringing them together so then that’s where the tribal element came in as a contrast. The collection expressed this theme visually in terms of the fabrics and trims while the silhouettes are linked to trend and sports fashion styling. I don’t tend to design for a particular person, everyone is welcome!

I’ve noticed that you like using different textured material for your garments. What main motifs do you think build your collection?

I always try to incorporate a strong print and/or texture in my collections. My garments are usually based on quite streamline shapes so this gives an added edge.

Do you see this changing in the future? 

I think this will stay as an element to RePhlexx Designs. I enjoy print work and hope to incorporate more original print designs into my collections in the future as I did with my graduate collection.

What are the plans for Rephlexx Designs in the future? Are there any exciting projects coming up?

I’m working on getting my website up and running and if all goes to plan having an online store too in time for summer. Right now I’m in the initial stages of starting a new collection so I’m just gathering inspiration/ideas and will be getting to work on that very soon.

The full collection will be launched in September at an event put on by The Labels Fashion. it’s a fashion collective including myself who put on an annual fashion show that showcases emerging designers/fashion graduates from London in September pre-London Fashion Week helping them gain exposure so all this alongside my fashion editor duties at newly launched online magazine Urban Health & Sport I will be kept busy for a while!

How can blog followers keep in touch with you should they wish to follow your progress?

Yep, until the website is up and running I can be found all over the social networks, just take your pick! I regularly post updates and links to my Etsy store where selected accessories items can be purchased and selected clothing items can be purchased if you just drop a direct message of enquiry.









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About Marsha Bigby

Marsha Bigby

Marsha Bigby is the woman behind the sports luxe brand Rephlexx Designs. The born and bred in East Londoner graduated from the renowned London College of Fashion in 2010. She a lover of all the creative arts and never goes a day without it  – especially Fashion and Dance, She studied ballet and modern dance from the age of 4 and later started moving into street dance in later years. In her spare time Marsha listens to music and is a newbie yoga enthusiast!

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