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London Fashion Week A/W13 Street Style

London Fashion Week A/W13 Street Style

Now is the end of the great London Fashion Week for A/W13  – even though I have many posts to share with you all!! I thought I would start with the Street Style images I took during Day 3 of London Fashion Week.

As usual, I wanted to do something different from last season, by going for looks that weren’t too avant garde. When I say avant garde, I’m not talking about avant garde in the sense that the fashion itself is over the top. I’m referring to the spectacle that some people have resorted to during London Fashion Week by wearing clothes they would never wear on a regular basis. This year, I tried to cut through any hint of artificiality i could smell and was much more pickier with the street shots I took hence why there are fewer pictures than last season.


Great use of texture

The picture above was the first street fashion pictures I picked on the day. I liked this outfit because she mainly looked comfortable and warm. She had a great use of texture: fur, knit, leather and spices the look up with a pop of colour.

Colour Blocking for Men

I loved the second look mainly because of it’s simplicity and boldness. mixing a hot colour like tangerine against white really does make you stand out! I loved that he looked smart (and was simply going about his day on his mobile0. He also added a neon yellow / green just to add some novelty to the outfit!


Uber Street Cool

I saw these girls and just thought they were absolutely cool! They looked so chilled and laid back. Their mix and match of casual wear makes their look not looked too forced and natural. One thing i wanted to highlight is to take note of their trouser shapes as I do think it will take off this spring! There has been an increase of crop tops on the catwalk recently without the confidence to match so I predict that many people will be matching their crops with high waisted bottoms.


Soft but tough...

I liked the look above because the outfit literally soft but tough. Her skirt had clean pleats and she added a cute mini leather jacket to give it 90’s punk twist.

Looking dapper gents!

I liked these two guys because they were well dressed and very classy.  It’s a shame that the picture doesn’t display how well tailored their clothes are as I believe it makes a huge difference!

Red, Black and Simple




Lovely Hat


Cute and preppy!


Ethnic influences

every year, I always hear a top magazine claim that this season we will be influenced by country X – I think that’s a lie! I think ethnic influences are always in fashion all year round especially in a cosmopolitan city like London. there is such a diverse mix of cultures I think it is something to avoid season by season. what I like is that he added a little hat – just to give it that fashionable finish.

i just love the look from head to toe!


Marsha Campbell - Fashion Blogger of Style of a London Tall Girl

Whilst doing some photography, I bumped into Marsha Campbell who is the blogger of “Style of a London Tall Girl”. I liked a zebra print with the vibrant blue clutch.

Stella - Blogger of Stella's Wardrobe

I only came across Stella (from Stella’s Wardrobe) last year but I have to say her blog and dress sense is absolutely incredible!11 Although she is much more daring with her wardrobe than i am I do love her style for one reason… and that’s because she stays true to herself!

Miko Spinelli (Milanese designer) with Anggy Haif (Parisian designer)  Left to Right


I love this picture of Miko Spinelli and Anggy Haif because it catches them slightly off guard but mainly because there style reminds me of a long lost rock look that needs to be re-ignited.

That one leg look

I thought the sheer leggings were a quirky and cool design and thought it was a clever way to get your leg out without feeling too cold!

Smart Prints

Iridescent skirt with knits

Finally, it was nice to take a picture of Rana Wehbe-Flinter – a stylist and fashion writer of my main attraction to her outfit was her iridescent skirt – a big look out for that trend in S/S13.



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