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#FOF with Glenn Wiggins

#FOF with Glenn Wiggins

“False Image” is an interesting name for a blog, what was the main inspiration behind it?

The inspiration that arose around the name False Image was the constant thoughts people had about my particular style and character they assumed that it was an act of desperation to grab peoples attention for all the wrong reasons. Although, it was really a way to create my own art and comfortability in who I am as a person today. So the name False Image was inspired by my fellow colleagues assumptions of myself to being a “False Image”.

What was your main motivation for getting involved into fashion?

Having a voice is what mainly motivated me to involve myself in fashion. Fashion is its own language in itself – and I thought it was pretty amazing that I could wear a savvy dress shirt & neck-tie combination and it could make people want to find out more about me as a person.

As someone that’s originally from the US, how do you think that men’s fashion differs in the States compared to the UK?

In the UK the people here have a certain neatness about their attire versus the US where we tend to throw things together without putting the appropriate time into an outfit. Every day is a story to me when I put on my clothing. I get a lot more inspiration walking the streets of London.

London Collections: Men started around 3 seasons ago but some now consider it the male equivalent to London Fashion Week – what are your thoughts on this?

To have an entire three days of festivities catered towards some of the best in menswear is always a great thing to have going.

Is there anything you are looking forward to seeing in the future of Men’s fashion? Where do you see men’s fashion going?

I recently read that there is great hype around the Jimmy Choo men’s collection this year. It will be exciting to see if a famous women’s designer company such as Jimmy Choo make a similar transition into the menswear world.

How would you describe your style? Do you think you being in London or any other life experiences have influenced your main style?

I would describe my style as timeless, versatile, and polished with a great mixture of a traditional look but I tend to raise the eyebrows of others of how I layer my colours together. I believe my previous experience working in boutiques back in the US has influenced my style the most only because I was shown first hand, how you should wear certain items and given the proper knowledge on menswear versus someone who worked in a normal department store.

If you had to advice someone (male or female) and offer them three top tips on their style what would it be?

1. When building your wardrobe start off with neutral colours navy blue, grey, and white this will allow you versatility when buying clothing

2. Know your proper body measurements – it is definitely not good to be a young adult and have clothes that don’t fit properly

3. Never shop off the mannequin in a store take time and orchestrate your own look – dare to be different

What does the term “fashion” mean to you?

Fashion is a form of art it has a way of connecting people together from all across the world. You can even see fashion growing a lot more in smaller metropolitan cities such as Johannesburg, South Africa and Caracas, Venezuela. Ten years ago these cities weren’t considered as a major source of anything fashion related.

What’s the best way for someone to see what you get up to online?

You can follow the vision by following me on Facebook Glenn Mckeva Wiggins and Twitter @TheFalseImage but mostly importantly if anyone has questions or needs advice they can always contact me via email I always answer my email personally.

Take a look at the mini pictures I took below with Glenn:




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