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CLUTTER Inspiration: Hip Hop Dance

CLUTTER Inspiration: Hip Hop Dance

Last week I came across a video so amazing that I thought I had to share it on the blog! I’m not just a fashion addict… I’m a lover of everything creative so enjoy the video below!

YAK Films are a bunch of entrepreneurial film creative’s that have played a huge role in my love for street dance. Being London based can sometimes make it difficult to see the world’s best street dancers but YAK Films have been my online portal connect to a world I always wanted to be a part of but never really had access to. The architectural backdrop and mix of camera angles in this clip encapsulates the meaning of hip hop dance perfectly.

The first dancer Yaman is an incredible b-boy (please YouTube him!!). I love that unlike other b-boys’ he REALLY LISTENS TO THE MUSIC – many b-boys are so focused on technique they tend to forget that they are meant to be dancing WITH the music. All of Yaman’s moves are smooth and flawless transitions. I also like that he is in his thirties – living proof that dance never stops!

I’m sure I don’t need to introduce Les Twins to you although I may be a bit bias because they are my favourite dancers J. I don’t know them but I’m personally really happy for them. They literally have a gift from God that they’ve fully embraced to live a life they deserve! In the video, I want to mention a shout out to their lovely beaded necklaces which shows that the boys take fashion very seriously (wish I had their necklace!!). If you can’t tell the twins apart – Larry (white shirt) is the one that tends to dance with his gravity defying legs whilst Laurent (black shirt) tends to dance with the top half of his body.

I’ve been following Amy Secada for a while and loved her ‘tough grace’ throughout the video. She is ridiculously flexible and has shown to have a great thinking philosophy behind her dance on YouTube interviews. She is really talented and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her in the future!

Neguin is an absolute whirlwind of power in this video. He is a bboy that is proud of his Brazillian spirit and lets his tropical energy along with his influences of capoeira shine in his dance. He is extremely athletic, acrobatic, has fantastic stability and balance – all you have to do is YouTube his name to see it for yourself!

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