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CLUTTER Fitness: #BloggersGetHulaFit

CLUTTER Fitness: #BloggersGetHulaFit

Bonjour again CLUTTERERS,

I’m very proud to say that this Easter instead of munching away at chocolate eggs I had a go at a new fitness class using hula hoops with Hula Fit.

The event was organised by LDNmeet and I have to say the day was fantastic – although I am definitely sore following the class!

So you’re probably wondering who and what is Hula Fit? Hula Fit was created by Anna and Rowan Bryne – they’ve created a really fun class using exercise hoops that keep you fit and also (almost) allows you to dance to some seriously dope music. Before joining the class, I did think that it was going to be a stamina class of how long you can keep a hoop around your hips but trust me it is anything but that! The class was filled with a variety of exercises that had me hooping clockwise, anticlockwise, jumping up and down, running around the room and even doing the most disgusted activity in the dictionary of exercise vocabulary – burpees.

I know I make what some may regard as a primary school activity sound strenuous but the sweat you get in the end of it is worth it. You get to tone your tummy, improve your coordination, build muscle and burn some calories. I honestly can’t think of a better way to do it, especially when there is great music playing in the background.

I had a ball and will definitely be doing it again. HulaFit classes are available in various locations across London  – so what’s your excuse… give it a try before it’s too late!


Hula Fit Website

Hula Fit Facebook

Hula Fit Twitter

As a side note, the outfit I wore was an Adidas Stellasport leotard from Topshop but I’ve found a link available online for Very. I also had a sports bra from Primark which has obviously discontinued due to their fast turnover of clothes.

Adidas stellasport leotard





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    • Heeeyyy!

      I wanted to add more videos but I might do it over time lool… Yeah Grab Stellasport quickly as I think its currently in the last chance to buy section.


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