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Be:Fit London Part 1: Juicing with Rosemary Ferguson

Be:Fit London Part 1: Juicing with Rosemary Ferguson

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to attend Be:Fit London –  a festival dedicated to women’s health and fitness. The festival has actually replaced the popular Vitality Show and is organised by the same company.


As I’ve always been sporty, fitness has always been a main interest of mine, however I really didn’t know what to expect as fitness has now became a trend in itself.

I kicked off the day with a talk from Rosemary Ferguson (hosted by Vogue’s Laura Weir) about juicing and how it can heal and nourish you. For those of you that think the name Rosemary Ferguson sounds familiar she was actually a model before pursuing her current career. I’ve wanted to introduce juicing to my diet but I’ve always been hesitant due to concerns over whether I’d be doing it properly and safely. (I’m all about the safety.)I found her talk interesting although I would’ve liked to have heard a bit more tips and tricks about juicing.


Firstly, it’s important to ensure that you add fruit, vegetable and nuts or seeds to ensure that your juice or smoothie is balanced. There are many benefits of fruits but too many fruits in your smoothie or juice can lead to a high sugar intake.


Secondly, don’t make something you don’t like or else it will never be a habit. Rosemary mentioned that it’s good to experiment and start off with flavours and tastes that you like, once you get use to it you can start creating more bitter mixes.

Rosemary also recommended using secret  ingredients such as turmeric and agnus cactus as they apparently work wonders.


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