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Be Fit : London Part 2 – The New Health Brands

Be Fit : London Part 2 – The New Health Brands

Once I finished in the experts talk area, I checked the exhibition and bumped into a few new brands that you should check out when you have a moment:

Just Juice – it a lovely tasting super juice created using super foods. All juices are cold pressed and designed to make you more healthy and energised. Although I should warn that these juices are probably not best for those with a sweet tooth!


Juiven 8 – is the UK’s first protein fruit juice. Whey protein is great for muscle repair and the drink contains coconut water which is great for rehydration. I tasted the berry protein fruit juice which may be a bit sharp for some people but was right up my street.


Spoon – was a delicious cereal that has actually been pitched on Dragons Den and received investment! There were two main reasons why I loved this brand… the first was because of the brands minimal design (very chic) and because the granola itself tasted amazing.

Spoon Cereal

Oatley – I didn’t spend too much time at the stand but I had a taste of the chocolate milk and it was delicious. I also had the opportunity to taste the orange and mango flavour. I think people would find the latter flavour strange because it’s refreshing like fruit but has a creamy dairy quality but I liked the taste.


South Beach was a sports brand that stood out to me because of colour. I absolutely love bold prints and felt as though the brand had some amazing sport pieces that took fashion into consideration.

Southbeach Clothing

Byron and Bronte was another sports brand that stood out to me. The main reason was because of the luxury material the sportswear label used which felt and looked to a high quality.


I also watched a live cooking demonstration for an alternative afternoon tea recipe with Lesley Walters. I’ve added a quick snippet below but will be adding a bonus video post of her recipe on my Facebook page so be sure to follow it. Can I also add that Lesley is the friendliest woman ever!

The end of the day came so quickly and I was given a goody bag and I’ve already gobbled up all the freebies! Following my experience, I would seriously recommend attending next year. My biggest regret was not leaving enough time to participate in a Reebok Class, so next year I’ll probably make an earlier start to the event.

Goodie Bag

Let’s not forget, that I had run a competition for FashionClutter readers to join in the fun. One of the winners Madelaine was so grateful and captured some of her best times on Instagram (with images I cant download pffft!)


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