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The Time I Almost Gave Up

The Time I Almost Gave Up


Happy 2016 (it’s a bit late) – it feels like it has been ages but you sure have been on my mind more often than the frequency of my blog posts.

January is a time of improvement and a time of new year resolutions and instead of go ahead with the blogger cliché of my plans for the future and how I’d like to be a better person – I wanted to talk about giving up! I thought the 30th January would be the best time to do this because this is usually the time that people forget about their Resolutions, become flexible about when they need to attend their yoga class and have broken their dry January spell.

I personally don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions because I have one goal in mind and no I’m not going to share it with you (and here is why). I think everyone has a purpose and that purpose is Plan A so why focus on anything else? At the beginning of 2015, I set steps that would take me closer to achieving my Plan A and I achieved them all prior to the end of the year. I know, I know… pretty smug but I have a massive confession to make.

Around 10th December 2016, I had planned for this post to be my Goodbye post to my CLUTTERERS. I had decided it was time to pack it in. Why? Not because I hated fashion or couldn’t be bothered with the blog but because I felt limited with time and also felt as though it was time to let it go. I was 95% ready to write a blog post and time it for today to say my final farewell. I was fighting a 5% that represented my walls full of scribbles and ideas on the blog that I’m yet to do, I was fighting the idea of losing a creative network of amazing bloggers and creative concept makers, I was fighting the thought of a scrammy little blogger taking the blog name that I CREATED… FASHIONCLUTTER – which represented ME. And one week later I got a package and it completely changed the game.

It may come as a shock to my closer friends because I’m usually the friend encouraging people to follow the dreams (unless I honestly don’t see it going anywhere. If that’s the case, I usually give constructive points for improvement).

As you know I’m an ASOS Insider and probably buy 78% of my clothes from them. As an ASOS Insider I had received a small gift that I honestly wasn’t expecting. Large brands always seem to tell me they will send trough A B and C and FASHIONCLUTTER gets left out – but ASOS didn’t forget me! The present was a simple framed picture made to look like the cover of an ASOS mag – how thoughtful and sweet of the brand! I wasn’t expecting it at all but it was the same time I was hit with a realisation.

Mystery Package from ASOS
Mystery Package from ASOS


95% of the time there are distractions, negative thoughts and struggles that will interject with your main goal. It will make your 5% that is based on hope, faith and hard work look as though it is pointless. However, it is important that you keep hope in that 5% because with time it will grow into 10% to 20% to 100%. People usually give up when something is about to change. If I had committed to announcing my departure I wouldn’t be typing today or discussing my gift from ASOS.

Once you have a realisation, it’s important to act on it, I know that it isn’t good enough for me to accept not writing on the blog so from today I have committed to writing on my blog every 10 days of the month. Today I will be writing on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month (apart from February). Consider any other posts outside that as a bonus!

Speak soon X

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  • Aww a very honest reflection on how things may sometimes seems pointless. I am so glad you did not give up!! and thanks for sharing!
    One thing l have learnt is if you thought of the vision in the first place; it can never be pointless! l believe in reviewing and making changes but never giving up, at least not based on, for example pressure or feelings. As actions from these are 99% the wrong move because it’s not coming from a place of careful reasoning. Another thing l have learnt is to detach “my feelings / emotions” from certain tasks because that’s always assisted me to keep on pushing through. I guess it’s a little bit like “Faith”, all it sees is the goal and does not necessarily focus too much on the hinderances that may affect the process. It knows this is the goal and that’s it’s. I hope this makes sense and would also welcome some views from others about ” Giving Up”!

    • Thanks! I like your first point about if you have a vision then it isn’t pointless, I guess more people have to act on their bigger goals.

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