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Skating with the Majorettes & Rollagirls

Skating with the Majorettes & Rollagirls


Ever since completing the London Marathon I have been deciding to let off steam by finding the fun and cool places to exercise. Training for the London Marathon takes out lots of time and commitment and towards the end of the training program –  can make you have negative feelings towards exercising (although I am still overwhelmed and proud that I completed it!)

On the Skates

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing a one-off skate class with some of the coolest London #GirlSquads I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m honestly not joking for example take a look at The Majorettes Instagram. Make sure you come back!

Amazing right! Now take a look at Rolla Girls Instagram – I had to follow them both because I want to be cool too!

The lesson took place at BUMP Roller Disco which is a pop up Roller Disco that was previously at Southbank, London and is now at Canary Wharf, London. You can buy tickets for the roller disco here. (Also, word on the street is they will be touring the festival scene this summer – so don’t miss out).

The lesson started off with some basic stretching. You may think that roller skating is child’s play but it really does a full body work out. Whilst skating you will work out a large majority of leg muscles, glutes, abs, lower and middle back as well as the arms, shoulders and chest.


Following stretching, we got to move on to some basic skating rules and I actually learnt a lot for example if you fall backwards whilst skating it’s usually because your muscles are tense and you are not balanced (Ta-Da!!!)


We then learnt a couple of tricks like going backwards, turning around on skates, making lemons (going in and out with your skates in a lemon shape) and going lower on our skates whilst on the move. We combined all of our ticks into a wonderful skating routine to some modern skating.


So what’S the verdict?

I really enjoyed the lesson because of the structure behind it’s delivery. The last time I was on roller skates / rollerblades, I was 11 years old so I’ve never seen skating as a serious sport. You’d never think that you could burn up to 482 calories (depending on how intense you skate!). Another great factor about skating is that you are having so much fun, you don’t realise how much you are working out. Roller skating is very easy to learn, it’s one of those sports that if you put time in to it you will probably get a lot out of it. My final point is that we learnt a routine so now I can rock up to a roller disco like a QUEEN!

It did make me wonder why we don’t do skating as a sport in PE at school. Like why?


Unfortunately, the class was a one-off BUT I think we should petition for more lessons like this in London as they would probably sell out!

However, you can still live the dream by buying one of their “Skate Like A Girl” T-Shirts here.

Although, I think we need to discuss Chief Majorette’s – Mawara The Amazing’s Roller skates (couldnt find a full size pic with her in recent heels she’s so pretty!) – I want to buy one of those on The Hoopermarket. I’m not a fan of heels but I love / want / need those ones!!!

Please note this image was not taken by FashionClutter. Photo Credit: Jo Duck from
Please note this image was not taken by FashionClutter. Photo Credit: Jo Duck from

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