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Hula Hoopin with Mawara’s Majorettes

Hula Hoopin with Mawara’s Majorettes


As you know after finishing the London Marathon, I’ve been inspired to do less intensive exercises that are a lot more fun or JUST DIFFERENT!

Last week, I talked about an awesome skate class that I did here but what I didn’t tell you is that I did an amazing Hula Hoop Class with the Majorettes right after (hence the same outfit!).

Classes were held at Shoreditch Town Hall – the building is #Beauts


So Hula Hooping? How the hell is that exercise you ask? Well hula-hooping is scientifically proven to reduce visceral fat – that’s the hardest type of fat to move from your body and is detrimental to heart health. It’s a serious core workout and also strengthen your spine as well as your stomach muscles – a.k.a abs – a.k.a bikini bodies – a.k.a I’m going to Hula Hoop forever so I can have the best mid area ever!

But that’s not all, you can increase you eye-motor coordination skills due to the types of movements required and it can be a full body exercise if you do tricks that include the arms, thighs and legs – so don’t underestimate the power of the hoop!

I have done a Hula Hoop class before but I found this to be very challenging, however, if you are dedicated in class you will learn to perform all the moves to create a routine.

Getting into routine...
Getting into routine…


The class started with a warm up and a recap of how to hula hoop –  would consider myself a confident hooper but I still learnt a lot such as how your posture can slightly affect your hooping as well as controlling the speed of the hoop.

We then moved on to working pairs and learning how to do things such as roll the hoop to one another, throw the hoop to one another and then we moved on to more individual tricks such as rolling the hoop on your hand (which I couldn’t do before the class), flipping the hoop around the body, catching the hoop behind your back and much more.

Learning to roll and throw the Hoop
Learning to roll and throw the Hoop


I really like the Hula Class because I feel as though it’s in fashion for gymgoers to feel an extreme “sweat” or “burn” after exercise classes but some people forget that you also lose weight or keep fit with more subtle exercises.

Hula Hooping is really fun but even if you don’t feel like you’re about to collapse after it is one of those sports that you’ll notice the difference in the long term. Hooping just makes you so happy although this is probably because I associate it with childhood memories but it is something that can make you really smile.

The best thing about this class is that you are learning a routine that requires different skills so you will always feel challenged and if you are a beginner, the Majorettes will always be on hand to answer any questions. I would strongly recommend giving the classes a whirl.

Hula Hooping!!!
Hula Hooping!!!


On top of this, the Majorette’s have an awesome store called The Hoopermarket where you can get amazing outfits to get you started and adult size hoops to hoop I your own time.

The Majorettes have a class every Saturday with Indytude from 3pm – 4pm and if you ensure you follow them on their social media you’ll always be able to find out about their special pop up classes.

So what are you waiting for – give it a try!!!

The Class
The Class

The Majorette’s Additional Sites





Please note that the images used in this blogpost were taken by Marawa’s Majorettes – as I was too busy hooping!

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