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Getting Pumped with Base Fit

Getting Pumped with Base Fit


Well, well well! Here I was getting along with my Funcersize series and then all of a sudden I got hit with this massive meteorite called life!

But I am back on track to tell you about a really well hidden place that I recommend that you go to – called Base Fit – just to the right of Shoreditch High Street Overground Station.

I chose Base Fit because it is the only space that I know where you can get good quality training in the great outdoors of Central London – which is different from the usual humid gym experience you may get at this time of the month!

Base Fit focuses on improving strength and conditioning and does his with classes that will improve your overall fitness. Although, the space may be perceived as small Base Fit runs over 30 classes a week and changes class timetables every 3 months to ensure that they keep the classes lively.

As I attended some time ago I was offered the chance to go to the Circuit training class for 60 minutes and I’m not going to lie it was pretty challenging!

Fortunately, as it hadn’t rained I was able to socialise with other members of the class and it was great to see a good mix of beginners who had never experienced something like this before as well as regulars who were attended classes on a weekly basis.

Class Snapshot!
Class Snapshot!

We warmed up with some running and hopping across the space and this eventually extended in to a fast jog around the block. We also did rapid lunges and fast squats under the clock to really work those muscles.

Once we arrived from our jog, we were given a quick rest and had to pair up with another member of the gym. It worked similar to the usual circuit training, there are multiple circuit stations with 2 activities for you and your partner. You would stay on one activity for one minute and once you complete the minute you would switch activities with your partner for an additional minute before moving to the next station. You would complete the entire circuit twice.

It all sounded very simple in principle but I have to mention how amazing I thought equipment was. I loved that I could use the battle ropes (two weighted ropes that can be used to tone and strengthen the upper body models). There were loads of weights used for exercises but also cool military style tyres and hammers.

So I had to turn over one of these tyres for as many times as possible for one minute and on the other tyre hit a massive tyre against it!
So I had to turn over one of these tyres for as many times as possible for one minute and on the other tyre hit a massive tyre against it!


Although I was a newcomer there was a very friendly community at Base Fit and I was highly motivated by energy the other members had which in turn kept me going. I felt like the class met all abilities as you could choose how fast you wanted to go but as the class where so pumped many people really went the extra mile to do their utmost best. Also, my instructor at the time, was clearly happy to mention tips on how to deal with a circuit to make sure that you got the most from the work out. I would certainly recommend Base Fit for people of level of fitness that want a fun work out in the outdoors.

Wasn't easy sliding this along the football pitch!!!
Wasn’t easy sliding this along the football pitch!!!


I’ll be back early next with a very popular class as part of the Funcersize series!

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