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The Piano Works Hits The Right Notes

The Piano Works Hits The Right Notes


I hope you’ve all been staying slay!

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to go to The Piano Works in Farringdon. It is the corporate part of East London that many have forgotten due to building works, it’s seriously commercial neighbours and of course Shoreditch, Hoxton’s and Bethnal Green’s oversubscribed popularity. This spot is a real treasure.

Have you ever imagined a place where you can listen to music, dance, eat and even sometimes sing along… BUT… with a live band?

Pianoworks 2

Yeah I didn’t think so! I was with a friend but think that it is the perfect venue for a large group of mates especially if the group have differing musical tastes.

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by a solo piano player and singer whose playlist is dependent on the crowd. You get to choose what they play, by writing your request on a napkin and they can do around 95% of the songs you request. Throughout the evening there were so many different genres, my evening consisted of Stevie Wonder’s All Night Long, Spice Girls Wannabe, Drake’s One Dance, Destiny Child’s Say My Name and Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. (Yes, there was a Haim song, everyone but me sang along… I know they are cool but y’all know that isn’t my forte). Later, in the evening, the full band comes on and the party gets started. I was also up dancing.


In terms of the cocktails there is honestly lots to choose from at The Piano Works, the venue is busy but I got the feeling that you didn’t have to wait for too long for a drink. For those who don’t drink (ahem me!) they also do a lovely assortment of mocktails. I saw a couple of gigantic sharing cocktails and the usual staples such as beer and mixed spirits, so everyone is happy.


The food menu is interesting. You can choose from bar snacks, hot and cold bar sliders such as mini burgers and fries and then there is a hot steak menu that you can choose from. I would say that the bar sliders work out to be quite expensive but if you split it in a group then it becomes a lot easier on the wallet. The best value for money would be the steak meals that looked very hearty and filling – I have a large appetite! Although the food is a bit more on the pricey side you can nab some great deals that include bottomless prosecco.


  1. If you are coming as a large group, I would strongly recommend booking an area.
  2. Leave your coat and bag in the cloakroom, there is a reason for it. I made this mistake. Never. Again.
  3. Double check what type of area you have booked. Is it a proper sit down table or a bar table? The venue is very busy and can get very crowded. Some people were oversubscribed with bar tables and it is difficult trying to dine from the steak menu on a bar table.
  4. If you have a sit-down table and it is close to the stage, you must note that your table could possibly be moved away.
  5. This is not the spot for a first date as you will not be able to hear each other without shouting. This is strongly recommended for large friendship groups, office group or someone you’ve been seeing for a while.
  6. Make sure that you request a song, you are in control so you can decide how you want the night to go.
  7. Be prepared to stay their longer than you had expected. I was looking to leave but the tunes were so good I had to stay for one more (I did this over the course of an hour).
  8. The night is 10% cheesy but have an open mind and you’ll be alright.

FOOD 6/10

MUSIC 8/10

VIBE 9/10



Please note images used where supplied courtesy of Keith Bishop Associates PR and are not my own.

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