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Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions

Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions


Welcome to 2017!!! I know we are in the second day of January but it is never too late to plan your New Year’s Resolutions.

But before we start I have a confession to make… I’m not really a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Well, I’ve always been a long-term thinker with an ULTIMATE GOAL in mind. I’m a highly intra-personal individual (reflective and self-assess myself) so I don’t like to restrict myself to the New Year to seek change in my life as I think people should generally look to better themselves on a day to day basis.

However, despite this opinion I know that some years can be seriously traumatic or dramatic and a New Year marks a new page for many and allows them to leave any negative issues in the past by creating resolutions. I’ve also seen friends that have achieved amazing things when they stick to their resolutions – which means that resolutions only work if you are committed to them.

According to my friends, I have a lot of knowledge in goal setting so I decided to share it so that you can achieve your goals. Here are my steps:


I don’t care who you are – we have all managed to achieve something in our lives. It doesn’t have to be something worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize – it can be anything, doing an amazing company presentation when you are hungover, running a marathon, getting a good grade at school or simply getting into work on time when you woke up late. What I’ve noticed with all of these achievements it that it requires one key element and that is COMMITMENT.

When I am late for work, I am the most committed athlete during rush hour. This is because my ultimate goal is to get to work on time in a shorter period. All the actions that take place are dedicated to achieving my goal. This means not talking to my family in the morning, choosing an outfit that is good to go (no ironing or additional fiddling required), walking as fast as I can to my station, squeezing myself on a train carriage in London (so basically forcing others to make room for me on the train) and being less likely to stop for a stranger on my way to work. Although not all the actions behind it can be regarded as nice, I am doing absolutely everything in my power to ensure that I achieve my goal because I am committed.


You really gone’ commit to your dreams boo boo?


If we apply this back to your New Year’s Resolutions, my first step is to get real with yourself. Are you really committed to this goal or are you saying this because it makes a great conversation starter in 2017? We all know what needs to be done to achieve a goal but not many of us want to spend the time to achieve the goal. If you are setting goals with no real level of commitment it was never a goal.


My title above might not make sense but let me break it down. Sometimes when I hear New Year’s resolutions, I hear some people that describe themselves as “Part time alcoholics” say that they are completely cutting back on drink for the year or those with the sweetest tooth say that they are going cold turkey from sugar. Now, unless you are my surprise acne or got visited from the Christmas Spirit of the Past, Present and Future last night – nobody changes overnight! If that’s the case, why are your goals requiring you to do this?

Just like in the music industry it is the artists that get better and better at each step that get more memorable than the one hit wonders (even if their single was considered iconic). I suggest creating incremental goals for example:


In 2017, I will stop eating sugar altogether.


Jan: I will limit my fizzy drinks to one a day and be allowed two packs of sweets a day.

Feb: I will limit my fizzy drinks to one can every other day and be allowed one pack of sweets a day.

Mar: I will limit my fizzy drinks to two cans a week and have one pack of sweets every other day.

Apr: I will limit my fizzy drinks to one can a week, have two packs a sweet a week and limit my sugar to half a teaspoon in hot drinks.

I won’t go on as you probably already know the drift but don’t the goals listed look a bit more realistic, achievable and something that you are much likely to stick to. I guarantee you that even if you do not completely cut out sugar by the end of the year you would cut out more than if you had set the one hit wonder goal.

Just remember that with this method success will not always be incremental and you may have periods when you don’t meet your goals or feel like you haven’t progressed and the image below explains this perfectly.

This has been used so many times on the Internet – I do not know who to source!



In 1935, Cecil Alec Mace found that people that were 50% more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down. This is because you are forced to be more specific with yourself and allows you to write SMART goals and you can find out more by clicking here.

My favourite stationary shop Kikki.k have some awesome stationery to help you achieve your dreams. I use the Dreams 101 book myself and it is great to have my thoughts on paper!

You can check out their inspirational journal collections here.

As with all tools, buying it doesn’t guarantee success it is how you use it that counts. If your book is looking pretty and catching dust on a shelf you are not helping yourself. If you write your goals in your book once and never look at them again – you are halfway there. But if you write in it and look at it constantly to remind yourself what they are – then wa-hey we are getting somewhere.


Let me make this one short and sweet – failing to plan is planning to fail. I have started planning my blog and it is fantastic.

I recommend using the The Bloggers Planner – Content Planner to manage what you will be writing but they will also have a generic planner so make sure you check out the two links below to see the differences.

Click here for the Content Planner (which includes a custom cover!!!)

Click here for the general Blogger Planner (which also has a custom cover)

At this time of the year most of the items will be sold out but they will look to increase stock over the months.


For those of you that are more artistic, you may want to create vision boards. Vision boards are basically large visual references of whatever you desire. The house you would like to live in, the car you want to own basically anything. You literally scour the internet, magazine, newspapers and books finding a visual representation of your goal and jazz it up with pens, paint, glitter and stick it on to a board. I have left a link here so that you have a better idea of how to create a Vision board but it is a much more fun way of achieving your goals.

There is so much more I wanted to say but I’ll leave it for another STRAIGHT TALK post! Let me know your thoughts on the post below, what your dreams are and if you are a fellow blogger, leave links below so that I can read them.

Time to SLAY in 2017 x


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