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Healthy Chocolate is Good for You!

Healthy Chocolate is Good for You!


So, you probably clicked on the link because you saw two words that don’t usually go with one another… HEALTHY and CHOCOLATE? Woah – I know I was pretty mind blown too.

Just before last year ended I was invited to an amazing chocolate and wine tasting event all about the skin, which introduced me to a chocolate vitamin called Esthechoc. I wanted to share with you my view on the product so that you could perhaps try the supplement yourself.

The bottom line of the event was to get the message across that Esthechoc helps improve your skin. I will be real with you, when I went to the event the science was intense. Fortunately, I liked science at school so I can break it down and help you understand why it is scientifically proven that Esthechoc can improve your skin.

Cocoa before it is processed is an actual superfood in the sense that it contains polyphenols (which is an antioxidant responsible for reducing inflammation and reducing toxins in your body). This is important because there are many skin problems that are associated with a high level of toxins (free radicals) and inflammation so having a supplement that combats against this should technically help with the skin. It is the polyphenols that give the chocolate that real bitter taste and to benefit from eating it you would need to eat a cocoa bar that has at least 90% of solids – something that is rare for traditional dark chocolate bars.

Esthechoc uses a new crystallizing method to ensure that the polyphenols are not broken down by stomach acid after eating and absorbed by the body easily. I hope that wasn’t too scientific but it you have any additional questions add them in the comments below and I will get back to you ASAP.

I trialled the product for 30 days and felt a slight improvement in the skin. My before and after pictures have gone walkies thanks to my hard drive but I promise to redo the trial again so that you can see the visual differences in my skin.

I am not a fan of plain chocolate and I’m known for running away from it when I can (I’m #TeamWhiteChocolate). However, I decided to be mature and put that aside. The second week in to the trial, it started to become a habit for me to take the vitamin and I started to enjoy the taste even though it was bitter! It was easy to take as the chocolate slabs were individually wrapped and only one a day, so it wasn’t messy first thing in the morning.

The result was that I was slightly perkier in my mood and had a reduction in my blemishes and I’m now looking to purchase the vitamins myself. However, after a long gap of not using it my skin has returned to normal!

I will say that the price is a bit steep as it has an RRP of £35.50. However, you’d get what you pay for remember that this is the ONLY chocolate like this and they are using patented technology to create it. However, don’t try to get smart and start eating high street dark chocolate brands as it really won’t lead to the same effect. Normal dark chocolate bars are mixed with a high fat content and as it is not crystallised means that the beneficial antioxidants will not be absorbed by the body.

You can purchase the product here:


I would say that the product works differently on different people and to find out if a skin care product works you need to stick with it for 8 – 10 weeks as this is how long the skin cycle lasts. Many of us expect to see results in weeks and then move on to another product without really giving it a chance to work on the skin. This vitamin will reduce skin problems but will not make them go away completely. I would recommend keeping to your current skincare and diet regime and not using the supplement to completely replace your skincare regime. Despite individual differences, I would strongly recommend a go.

Let me know how it goes or if you have any additional questions below.

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  • This is so interesting – naturally I’d assume any chocolate is bad for my skin – I used to have a slight allergy so would get not just pimples but also a rash from it. What a bit of science can’t do nowadays! x

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