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Spring In To Action

Spring In To Action


It is SPRING and I’m so happy about it! The days are longer, the temperature is rising, it is the beginning of new things and it’s my birthday season!

I did that really stereotype blogger thing where you go down to Notting Hill, London to take awesome pictures because the houses are colourful (super-lolz). I wanted to do a “dressed-up casual” spring post because “dressed-up casual” with a bit of Fresh Prince is how I would describe my style. The look is simple a clean white t-shirt that really complements the print because of its solid and sheer block combinations. I use to wear the maxi skirt in the Winter because the flower pattern is slightly darker then my other patterned garments but I’m seeing that it works well in Spring too. Of course, finish it off with trainers because they are the most comfortable shoes and ain’t nobody got time for pain!

My top and skirt are both from ASOS and a little dated… however I have managed to source similarities from the same brand!

Alternative Top:

Actual Skirt: (Limited sizes)

Alternative Skirt:

Reebok Trainers:

But what is an outfit post without me trying to talk about something meaningful?? Sooooo…. *philosophy pending*

It is easy to fall in to a trap of negative thoughts when times are harder or even when surrounded by negative people. When I was younger (for the record I am still young!!) I would very easily get in to a cycle of thinking negatively about a situation or longing for something that was completely out of my control. I have intentionally made my outfit post bright and colourful to welcome Spring.  During Spring, Mother Nature is blossoming in to new things, now is the perfect time to break that negative cycle by Spring-cleaning your thoughts. Some methods I use are the following:

Reducing time spent with negative people – they are literally draining you. I often like being with my friends to make them laugh so I find it confusing when there is someone that leaves you in a worse state then you were before or hassles your piece of mind. That can’t be good for you in the long run.

Clean things around you – you start to feel so much better when you get rid of clutter (but keep anything FashionClutter related of course!)

Try something new – diverting your attention on to a new challenge will see you better as a person as well as focus on something positive.

Give yourself credit – some of us are our own worst critics, I know that I am! There is nothing wrong with being proud about things that you are good at, as I have quickly learnt that if you don’t big yourself up from time to time no one else will – even if they do recognise it.

Peace for now x


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