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Is the grass always greener?

Is the grass always greener?


I like to think that there are different elements to my personality – I am versatile (and moody when I want to be) so I like to have a style that matches my mood.

Despite my sportiness, my 9 to 5 job usually means that you’ll find me in dresses and trust me… once upon a time it would have been a massive myth to catch me in a dress.

This Spring, frills have been pretty in and I absolutely love this dress from Milk It Vintage because it combines print with the current trend – I get tons of praises whenever I wear it.

You can purchase the dress from ASOS if you click here and you can even buy it in black and white if monochrome is more your thing!

Okay, so time for the thoughtful message!  Wanted to talk about bright futures because of the yellow walls in my outfit post (loooooool) but whenever I think about a bright future, I think about the grass being greener. I love being around my friends as we always strive to do the best and as much as I like thinking about pushing for the next level, I think it is important to take a step away from it all and have gratitude for the things that we have.

As we are living in a meritocratic and capitalist society, our focus as developed beings is to get more and more whilst completely forgetting that some of our counterparts are going through worse things such as illness, famine and hunger.

We sometimes allow capitalist greed to blind us from seeing what we have. For example, I remember leaving a job because I was simply bored and frustrated with processes – I focused on the fact that I needed a new challenge over the other benefits that I had. I was excited for the change, although when I got there, I realised that the grass, really wasn’t green.  It was higher paid and the office looked a bit cooler but something was missing. I spent some time thinking about what could be a regressive move and started to take my own advice and focus on what I do have. Trust me focusing on the benefits is not living in La La Land – it gives you an objective view.

My whole perspective changed and allowed me to think about the bigger picture… before I moved on of course!!! My main message is to take some time being happy about what you do have because no matter how bad the situation there is something you can find to keep you going.

Stay strong and fashionable x

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