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Moreno Boxing Masterclass

Moreno Boxing Masterclass


Last week I was given the awesome opportunity to join the new Moreno Boxing Gym in Clapham for a Boing Masterclass. This is the second gym to follow the Dalston branch that has had so much success due to its selection of high-quality trainers. This means that whether you are based in the North or South of the river – you have no reason to suffer from FOMO!

There has been so much happening in the boxing world and I’m not going to pretend that I follow it closely but I do know that the rise of athletes like Anthony Joshua and the press (or some call the publicity stunt) between the Mayweather vs McGregor fight has certainly helped to increase the popularity and the demand for boxing classes.

One of the thing that I love about London is that we are not short on options and residents have over 200 boxing classes to choose from – with that in mind why would someone decide to choose Moreno Boxing over another brand? I’m about to tell you why!

Our training was split into two different classes and these classes are unique to Moreno. The first session is called Technical Intensive Boxing (TIB). The purpose of the class was to teach us the basic technical skills required to punch correctly.

The class started with a basic warm up and then we learnt a bit about the footwork. This sounds ridiculous – but when I was younger and play fighting boys I use to pretend to be Bruce Lee and it appears my younger years helped me find the footwork pretty easy. It basically consists of being able to side step to the left and right – without taking your eyes off the ball (your opponent).

We then moved on to actual technical punches which included jabs, crosses, hooks and a few uppercuts which were then turned into combination moves. I’ll be honest and say that I really wasn’t fatigued at this stage, but would admit that you really acquire a mental focus to ensure that you are executing the punches correctly. We then got to do some partner work with our new technical boxing skills which allowed us to apply it to real life boxing situations (I mean none of us were pro’s but you know where I am coming from!!)

However, there is no point learning how to box if you do not have the fitness of a boxer – which leads us on to our second session! This class is called Intensive Boxing Cross Training, the purpose of this class is to have a full body workout using training techniques used by professional boxers. This is the class that really tested my fitness and quite frankly wore me out – there was no part of my body that didn’t feel pain! Exercises included squats, sit downs, sit up, reps with weights and continuous bursts of boxing on the boxing bags. It was executed as a type of circuit class to really ensure that you received a workout from your head to your toe.

Moreno boxing class is different because the gym’s fitness instructors are handpicked by Carlos Moreno himself so there are no fast track trainers trying to pull the wool over your eyes. You must remember that this boxing club is not a watered-down version of boxing with flashing lights or just having boxing bags as part of a gimmick – Moreno boxing likes to keep boxing simple. It has everything that you need to achieve your fitness goals and prides itself on providing you with the skills to be fit like a fighter without having to jump into the ring yourself.

The event ended with an amazing goody bag and refreshing snacks including a test from Werlabs, Propercorn and Borrow My Blender smoothies. If you want to get involved in the action I have added details of Moreno’s Boxing Club below:





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