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Lessons I learned from 2017 and How I Will Apply It in 2018

Lessons I learned from 2017 and How I Will Apply It in 2018

Happy New Year Folks!

It is all well and good listing the lessons that we have learned from 2017 – but what is a lesson if we haven’t learned anything from it. Below I’ve listed what my learnings were for the year and how I will apply those lessons in 2018.

Solo Travel – Just Do It

The Philippines was high on my list in 2016 and I finally managed to visit all the beautiful places I said that I would go to Manilla, Boracay and El Nido in Palawan 😊I had intentions of going to the Philippines with someone else, but it never came to fruition. I basically thought that life is short, I haven’t got time to task myself with finding someone that wants to do what I want to do. Life can be boring if you are waiting around for someone that doesn’t exist to do it with you.

How I will apply it in 2018: I’ve embraced doing things alone and more often. I’m happy to eat at a restaurant alone, go to the cinema alone or an art exhibition alone. If I am interested in it I go for it – and don’t need to worry about FOMO. (Also, don’t worry I have friends it sounds like a very lonely life lol – I guess I’ve realised that I am more of an ambivert and appreciate my solitude a bit more)

It’s okay not to like everyone

I am honestly a person that likes to get along with everyone I tend to take a more avoidance strategy if I feel like someone does things that I don’t approve of as oppose to completely write them off. Although if someone does something to directly hurt me then it is a complete write-off!

I went on a holiday in 2017 with my friends and a friend of a friend. I had an awesome holiday, but I just couldn’t bear to be around this additional person as our spirits did not match. I have to live with the fact that we do not like each other and move on.

How I will apply it to 2018: I’m a friendly person but I’ve gone past the stage of trying to get along with EVERYONE. I will always be nice and respectful, but I should no longer feel some type of way if I just don’t get along with someone.

If you have an idea – go for it

I had an idea, there were many constraints that held me back, but I had it for such a long while, it was essential that I get it done by 2017. Bloggers That Slay is a small blogger collective that I’ve started in late 2016 and we host events from time to time. #Slaybruch and the Ladies That Slay event – were successful confirmations that when I have an idea, I should just go for it.

How I will apply it I 2018: Lots more plans being actioned… when I believe that the timing is right.

Remember that you are Number 1, not Number 2

2017, was an unusual year for collaboration requests but I said no to a tonne of them because they weren’t right for me.

I’ve noticed with collaborations that at the start people treat you as though you are number 1 but once you have agreed to it you can very quickly become number 2. How? By going way beyond your original remit, having others present your work as their own and that doesn’t sound like the benefits associated with a collaboration.

How I will apply it to 2018: Networking horizontally as opposed to vertically. What do I mean by that? Have you noticed how the world’s most creative people all seem to be coming up together? It is usually because they were in the same position at the same time. There are definitely a whole load of friends that are up at the top that have helped me but going forward I will network with people that are trying to start out and very importantly have the same work ethic as myself.

Excellence breeds jealousy

When you are good at something your confidence will always come across as arrogance to someone that has self-confidence issues or paranoia. I used to sometimes hear quite snide remarks that I sometimes chose to ignore but I had to say to myself that it was because of how they felt about themselves.

How I will apply to 2018: Continue with excellence as whatever someone feels or thinks about me is none of my business so they shouldn’t make it my problem x.

Demonstrate excellence through practice, don’t commentate your excellence

This is something that I have always strongly believed in and to prove it to you I have included a TED talk as to why.

Do not hang out with confused significant others – they are the biggest time-wasters

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