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Top 2018 Travel Destinations for Non – Basic Millennials Part 1

Top 2018 Travel Destinations for Non – Basic Millennials Part 1

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, throughout the last week you will notice that I have been teasing you with some beautiful travel places for non-basics in 2018.

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NOTE: This post was never ever supposed to be this long but because I have been researching loads, its four times longer than it was supposed to be, so it will be coming out in different sections.

What is a basic you ask me? Someone who goes to a place because everyone else is going there and it is on trend! It annoys me that people just want to go somewhere because they are sheep. What happened to the good old days when people went abroad for a purpose / to fulfill their bucket list?

Before introducing the list, I think that it is important that you identify, what type of traveler you are. Most people are a mixture of these, but you tend to find that people go on holiday for a specific purpose. Below are my typical profiles:

The Party Slayer

You came here to have a good time and create memories you won’t remember the next morning. The Party slayer spends more time in beach bars, clubs, and festivals more than their actual hotel room.

The YOLO Junkie

Adrenalin is key. You don’t mind whether you are in the great outdoors or in the city. All you know is that you require a once in a lifetime experience, so you have a good story to tell your mates about once you get back… because You Only Live Once.

The Historical Enthusiast

What is a holiday without education and complete awe of the beauty that history has left us to adore? You want your soul and mind to be inspired just as much as you want to make sure you have a good tan.

The Foodie Lover

Some people do it for the gram, but you do it for your belly! Your main aim on holiday is to tickle your taste buds with an array of flavours that you have never had before whilst of course taking the obligatory instapost to show how beautiful it was.

The Daydreamer

You simply do not understand why people come on holiday to do things, as you simply want to relax and pretend to be reading a good book whilst topping your tan.

Make It Rain

You work hard so your holiday is your chance to play hard. Convenience is key, and you want the finest everything, fine food, drink, shops and the best service. Now is your time to be treated like a celebrity.

Hipsters on a budget

Not every millennial has money you know! You don’t need to splash the cash to have some authentic fun – you just need to be willing to go against the grain. Plus, tourist destinations are usually cheesy!

So, I will do a simple summary of places that none basics will be attending in 2018 and hopefully, I’ll be able to entice you to take a trip there.


This beautiful country sits on the edge of the Adriatic Sea which means that it can offer you the same (if not better) views of neighbouring Croatia. Montenegro offers a vast variety of scenery from mountains and lakes, to medieval cities off to the beautiful beaches on the coast.

The Party Slayer – your best destination is in Budva which has the nickname of “Montenegrin” Miami. Emporio Club is seen as one of the most attractive places to party – set on the terrace of the old town walls it a great mix of the traditional and the contemporary.

The YOLO Junkie – There are so many places to choose to have an adventure in Montenegro and it is dependent on what type of adventure you would like. You can take a private boat across the Montenegrin coast or decide to crash the waves with a stint of White Water Rafting. There are a plethora of activities for you in places like Dumitor National Parks where you can do anything from hiking up the country’s highest mountainous point, through to bungee jumping in Europe’s deepest canyon.

The Historical Enthusiast – throughout Montenegro, there are a series of medieval villages. For example, Sveti Stefan is a gorgeous location with the history dating back to the 15th Century. If ambient site seeing isn’t your scene then your best bet would be to attend the National Museum in Podgorica.

The Foodie Lover – Montenegro is essentially your gluttonous fantasy especially if you love the taste of Mediterranean food or cooked meats. The great thing about Montenegro is that some of their restaurants offer views for days. A pretty location restaurant in Verige65, most diners tend to be middle-aged and smartly dressed but there is nothing wrong with millennials partying with baby boomers from time to time. However, rumour has it that one of the best restaurants is Catovica Mlini in the Kotor region of the country.

Daydreamer – it is pretty simple being a daydreamer, you only need one thing – a sun lounger. You can party it up with the rich expatriates at the famous Yacht Club in Montenegro. Alternatively, f you prefer a more traditional view you will be able to go to hit the beach and visit places such as Sveti Stefan or

Make It Rain – You simply belong in Porto Montenegro. There is an array of shopping boutiques, a snazzy hotel with a spa. This is the place to get all of the luxury comforts you need that will never make you feel like going home ever again!

Hipsters on a budget – there are definitely cheap places to stay in Montenegro and these are usually in boutique hotels outside of lively cities with beach view such as Budva. Small restaurants that are fantastic cheap eats are rarely advertised but easy to find with local knowledge. The best place to start for the deals are and skyscanner 🙂

Check back on Sunday 14th January at 12 pm for Part 2!!!

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