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Top 2018 Travel Destinations for Non-Basic Millennials – Part 2

Top 2018 Travel Destinations for Non-Basic Millennials – Part 2


As promised, it is now time for Part 2. If you haven’t read the first half of the series where you find out what type of traveler you are, click here to read part 1

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When people think of Portuguese Islands most people would think of Cape Verde – but has anyone ever heard of this beautiful land Azores?

Azores are a chain of volcanic islands based in the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands are around 2 hours flight time for Lisbon, 4 hours from the UK and the US. Don’t worry as the volcanoes are currently considered dormant!

The Party Slayer – Azores isn’t for those looking to party hard. However, an event that is widely celebrated on the island is Mardi Gras. It is a mixture of traditional music, dance and marches based on Azorean culture. Some locals have made it clear that they are not keen on partying tourists (so think wisely before going to this trip).

The YOLO Junkie – There are so many things to list for Azores and I can’t list it all as offers so many fun activities in a gorgeous landscape setting. Some of the activities include: paragliding, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding but the list is seriously empty.

The Historical Enthusiast – There are a variety of speciality museums available to visit but they are not the most engaging or creative spaces. We would strongly recommend booking a private tour from somewhere such as Viator or perhaps locally when you arrive so that you can see all the beautiful island has to offer as well as get sprinklings of history.

The Foodie Lover – Azorean cuisine relies on a much more rustic version of Portuguese food. Azorean cooking is known to be a lot more creamier and slow cooked. I have found the intriguing Paladares da Quinta – it is small but seems to pack a serious punch according to reviews.

The Daydreamer – Azores has a couple of beaches such as Praia De Santa Barbara or Mosteiros Beach. I’ll admit that they are not your typical crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches but that doesn’t stop them from being anymore beautiful.  Azores offers a couple of serene views that the daydreamer would like to relax such as Caldeira Das Setes Cidades, Lagoa de Fogo as well as Poca Da Dona Beija.

Make It Rain – Azores is a relatively cheap holiday destination as it has not yet been flocked with many tourists (just yet) but there are some luxury hotels that you can go to. Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is considered on e of the best hotels in Azores on São Miguel, the largest island in Azores.

Hipsters on a budget – as previously mentioned Azores is a relatively cheap location; however, the prices really start to dial up when you do the very hipster thing of travelling between islands. All flights are controlled by a monopoly airline which means that you can sometimes be hit with a nasty price. If comfort and time is less of a priority you can travel by ferry although this is not the most practical way. I would recommend mid-breaks for hipsters to really discover one island in Azores (probably São Miguel).


Belize is in Central America and bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea It was previously known as British Honduras, so English is known as the official language spoken, although locals often speak Kriol, Garifuna or Spanish.

The Party Slayer – this is a tropical destination so expect a laid-back Caribbean style night out. A variety of music is available due to a large expat community in Belize, however most places are typical beach bars as oppose to million pound innovated super clubs. The best spots for nightlife are Belize City and San Pedro.

The YOLO Junkie – As with all tropical destinations you get the usual adrenaline-pumping places such as parasailing, jet-skiing and quad-biking. However, one of the amazing things about Belize is that it is on of a few countries to have a barrier reef. Belize is widely recognised for it’s sea life biodiversity, so scuba-diving is a must! Great places to explore include Caye Caulker and the Great Blue Hole. Finally, check out the Cockscumb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary to get up close to some jaguars.

The Historical Enthusiast – Belize is a historian’s dream. One of the top places to visit are Xunantunich and Lamanai, they are both square pyramids that built the former Mayan ruins and offer panoramic views of Belize the top. Something a little more gruesome are the Actun Tunichil Muknal which is an underground archaeological site that features Mayan sacrificial human remains! If you prefer a more artificial environment, you should visit the Museum of Belize, the Government House and the Maritime Museum where different exhibitions are on display throughout the year.

The Foodie Lover – Belizean cuisine is a mixture of many cultures, so this is the place for open minded foodies. Foods to try include their traditional rice and beans cooked in coconut milk, cashew wine which is made from fermented cashew fruit as oppose to the popular nut or Tamales which is a cornmeal stuffed with chicken or pork alongside beans, green peas, onions and tomato wrapped in plantain leaves so there is plenty to discover! There are many restaurants to discover so a simple google search will easily unveil many culinary delights to choose from.

The Daydreamer – it is simple!!! Everywhere!!!

Make It Rain – As you can imagine – Belize is the typical honeymoon getaway destination, so you are never too far from a luxury hotel. I have not visited Belize, but one hotel I’m currently eyeing I called El Secreto. In terms of shopping, it is best booking personal shopping through the concierge of a luxury hotel. There also seems to be many private helicopter rides that are operating in Belize so that you can get a good birds-eye view on the gorgeous destination.

Hipsters on a budget –  there are two sides to Belize, so it is not impossible to backpack in Belize. You can get homestays and hostels that average at £15 per night and basic food that costs under £10 at night. Nothing will be particularly glamorous but who cares in such a lush setting!

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