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Just Look for the Sunshine

Just Look for the Sunshine

Hey Clutterers!

I do not know what on earth has been happening to the weather but whenever I was free the weather was awful and whenever the weather in London was great I was too busy to do an outfit – but here it is another street style shoot.

I always say that I do not have a style or a dress sense as people that see me outside of work – know that I like to mix it up. I always say that I’m too posh for the culture but too street for the mainstreams – which is why from time to time you occasionally see me in streetwear.


I am wearing a head to toe yellow Nike tracksuit. The top is reversible and is exclusively available at ASOS, that you can buy here. I loved this tracksuit because of its cropped style, the contrasting white edges that make it a little nicer than your average top as well as it’s retro style that makes it look like something from the nineties. I am also wearing it with the Nike Dualtone Racers in White and Gold that you can purchase here. 

I know that I always add a note of encouragement to my outfit posts because what is a Clutter Fashion post without one? I don’t share my entire life on the internet (y’all ain’t ready for the violins lol) but there have been a couple of things that have happened to me recently that has made me respect my ability to still look at life from the brighter side of life.

I like wearing bright clothes because I naturally feel happier and although it is silly it makes me feel more positive. When bad things happen I always look for the brighter side  – although it doesn’t kill to show gratitude for when great things happen in your life as well.

During April, in my birthday month, I recently went to the West Coast and visited LA, Palm Springs (Coachella) and Las Vegas, as a child I used to dream about this kind of thing because it has always been something that I never thought I could afford. However, after my trip it made me realise that I was lucky to go on such a lush trip and to reminded me to look for the sunshine during the good times and the bad.

Stay blessed folks.

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