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Hotel Review: The Line, LA – Koreatown’s Special Gem

Hotel Review: The Line, LA – Koreatown’s Special Gem

Hey Clutterers,

As I expand the content on MillennialClutter, I wanted to review my stay at the Line Hotel in LA which I stayed at over a month ago.

To give you some background The Line is a chain of US hotels owned by the Sydell Group and they currently have 3 locations: Washington DC, one opening in June 2018 Austin and LA. They have a unique offering where each hotel is based on the culture and collectives in their neighbourhood, meaning all three locations are slightly unique.

I stayed in various location and this four-star hotel was my favourite place to stay, it offered value for money, convenience and a lot of character as a hotel itself.


Design 8/10

One thing that you can’t fail to ignore is how aesthetically pleasing the hotel looks. You are greeted with a buzzing foyer full of creative freelancers surrounded by curated art pieces reaffirming the creativity of its hotel users. My main love for the hotel was that it never felt too squished (which is common of city hotels).

The style of design is hipster chic as there is a focus on mixing minimalism with vintage furniture and always a hint of industrialism / derelict features. If you are into prim and proper hotels, then this isn’t the spot for you! This was greatly demonstrated by my Grandma during a video call who screamed “What happened to your walls?  – They haven’t decorated it?!” I obviously went on to explain the concept behind hipster chic…

Rooms 7/10

In terms of the rooms, there are different sizes available; King rooms, Double double rooms (2 x double beds) and they are available with different views. If you choose a standard, your room will look out to an office (lol), if you choose Hollywood Hills your room will have a distant view of the Hollywood sign and if you choose the Observatory level then you will be a similar level to the popular Griffith Observatory.

The hotel also features five different levels of suites which I didn’t get to stay in but can imagine it being more spacious. I went for a mid-range room which was the Hollywood Hills Double Double which I shared with another friend. Now, the reason why I have scored the room a bit low is because I think it is quite small as it should be able to take a maximum of 4 people and I found it squished enough with my other friend. I also felt as though a lot of effort had been put in the design of the bedroom but not so much the bathroom – however despite this the shower was very powerful. In terms of the amenities, we had free Wi-Fi in our room as well as free toiletries. There were tons of other food and additional toiletries that you could use but as expected it was extremely pricey!

Room service is available in the morning until around 10 pm / 11 pm.


Service 9/10

I spoke to The Line whilst I was in England and found it easy to communicate with any room changes that I had.

I also loved speaking to all the staff in person – no one was rude, and everyone was pleasant or even funny! The only reason they don’t get a 10/10 is because I feel like staff do what their job is to a very high standard whilst a 10/0 to me indicates that you are going beyond the requirement.


Special Features 8/10

One of the things that I loved about this hotel was all the other hidden surprises that were associated with it!

My favourite section was the rooftop as it featured the Commissary and the hotel pool.

I ate at the Commissary nearly every day and I didn’t get bored. Firstly, the decoration is amazing – you are essentially starting the day in your own fresh botanical greenhouse garden with a bunch of delicious food and freshly pressed juices. I found that their service was a lot faster in the morning than during the day because, in the afternoon, you would have a large bunch of freelancers or people that were not hotel guest visit. The afternoon feeling was a lot more social because you would see that most people were around the pool for various reasons.

I am so annoyed that I didn’t give myself the time to visit Breaker 86 as I heard so many good things about it so make sure that you go, many LA residents have rated it highly.

In addition to this, the Hotel has other places to eat, drink and socialise. The only improvement I would recommend is having a late-night eating service or vending machines. Some of my friends had come back from clubbing and didn’t know where to go for something out of hours – the Hotel doesn’t have anything for this and there are no 7/11’s close by!

The hotel also had a small gym that was unsurprisingly not used by many guests.

Local Neighbourhood 9/10

I loved this Hotel because of its super convenience. It wasn’t too far from anything and any of the touristy sites that were on the edge of town were no longer than an hour away.

The fact that it is in Koreatown means that the local neighbourhood generally lives up to its name. Yes – there are many south east Asians that seem to reside and hang out there, there are also many Korean barbeque places for you to try out as well as some well-rated dessert restaurants. Just remember, that you are not too far away from the hood so walking alone at night isn’t strongly recommended.

Overall Rating 8/10

I’m likely to stay at this Hotel again and would also recommend by cool creative friends to attend. The hotel has a wide range of initiatives such as a weekend run club, gym and other opportunities to be social. As mentioned before, the location is perfect and easy to move around the core parts of LA. I would recommend for favourable rates that it is best to make sure you book in as early as possible with the Hotel directly. An alternative option is with you can book now and pay later.

Let me know if you have any additional questions below and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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