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Maintaining Your Inner Youth

Maintaining Your Inner Youth


How often do you hear this phrase –  “We are getting old now!”.

As I get older, I have noticed that my peers have associated ageing with nothing but negative factors. Many people seem to have ACCEPTED ageing as being less tolerant, getting wrinkles and being out of shape. If not that, I have peers who are racing for status achievements such as marriage, children and property ownership. I personally do not accept ageing as negative and view it as a time of great growth through more life experiences, the opportunity to make wise decisions and a time to enjoy being better off! Despite my positive view on getting older, I still believe that it is important to maintain your inner youth and it can be best explained with my short story.

When I first started university, I was super social – interested in where people were from and just getting some background as to why they had chosen to attend University. I’ll be honest and admit that there were some people that didn’t know what had brought them to university and others that didn’t know what they wanted to do but knew they wanted to bring about positive change. However, the ones that amazed me were the ones that had such an amazing clear goal of what they wanted to do in the future. I loved that people had massive goals such as owning their own companies, using their degrees to bring about social change or attempting to get into a competitive field to prove themselves.

However, I noticed that over the years things really started to change – in my Final year the ambitions of some of my University peers had turned into “I just need a job man!” or “I want to get on to one of those graduate schemes or I am screwed”. To my surprise, some of my University peers now aspired to essentially be a part of the rat race. We were still in our protective university bubble, but some people had already had their dreams beaten out of them and they said it was being “real” whilst I thought it was a slight loss of hope. It wasn’t everyone in my University, but I was shocked at how I once started with seriously determined folk and without even experiencing a post-grad life they had already shut down the possibilities of some things happening for them.

This isn’t the answer to everything, but I can’t help but think if people stayed slightly young at heart maybe they would have had a different outcome.  Now before I go one, I want to clarify that in my opinion being young at heart does not mean laughing all the time, behaving stupid and acting naïve – I associate it with staying true to your inner child throughout your adulthood. That means that I can be serious at a point in time (especially when I’m working) or be a realist in a difficult situation. You must remember that although we all had vivid imaginations we were all different as children which means our values of our inner child vary from person to person. The key to keeping your inner youth is staying true to YOUR values.

Below are some of my reason why it is important to stay true to your inner youth:

You enjoy life a little more

Guys, life is serious you know. As a millennial, you are faced with increasing pressure to work hard and somehow achieve the same level of success as our baby booming predecessors in a shorter space of time. Staying true to our inner child throughout our life means being a little bit more relaxed and not putting so much stress on yourself. By embracing your inner youth, you will be more willing to explore new elements, be more curious learning new outcomes (good or bad). I feel like having an air of being true to your inner youth will mean that you are more likely to live in the moment and enjoy life for what it truly is.

You use your imagination

I get so annoyed when I’m on public transport and I see parents rushing to keep their children entertained using iPads and smartphones to avoid having their child be bored. Boredom leads to the activation of the imagination. Imagination is one of the best forms of working capital we were given. it is priceless and has lead to the creation of the world’s most amazing theories/ processes/objects/ buildings/art etc. as children we all had vivid imaginations and I do think that as adults we should accessing this to gain a creative solution to everyday problems.

You bounce back from the bad times

I mean this is self-explanatory. It’s the whole scraping your knee theory on the playground floor. You run, you fall, you get up and notice a scrape, you cry, you sort it out and then you run again. As adults, we tend to hold on and harbour on to negative feelings and bad situations (me included!) whilst staying true to your inner youth is all about moving on. I remember when I was at primary school I used to switch my “boyfriends” and best friends every other day!

You are more likely to be healthier in your body

Children are so hyperactive! If you are naturally being curious and trying out new things – you are most likely going to feel great about yourself both physically and mentally.

So how exactly am I embracing my inner youth?

I essentially like to make the most of every opportunity I get so that I can look back at it in a positive light knowing that I did the best with what I had. If I go out, I want to be the first o the dance floor, if I go to a yoga class – I already know that I’m not the best but I’m going to go with the intention of attempting to be MY very best. I’m going to do my best to make the most of what is given to me. It also means being a bit more carefree, being a bit down with the kids in terms of trends and what’s happening but essentially being happy with yourself.

I often have people in society try and make me feel like I am being silly, I am not mature or not even qualified to have the things that I have. However, I always remember that it is always the people that know nothing about you that try and tell you how you should behave. Don’t give them the satisfaction, of your inner youth or happiness because they really don’t deserve to take something so valuable away from you.

Do you agree? What other ways do you embrace your inner youth – or do you think it is a stupid comment altogether – comment below!

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