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Preparing for the K – Beauty glow up

Preparing for the K – Beauty glow up

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What is K Beauty and why the hype?

So, K-Beauty stands for “Korean Beauty” as South Korea is seen as Asia’s main country of beauty innovation. Due to investment and the general importance placed behind looking good in South Korea. It is often common to hear of children at a young age attending family spa days so that everyone can relax and unwind… whilst looking good of course! Due to investments, South Koreans seem to be light years ahead of The West with their use of fermented products, fizzy water and even snail extract (it is good for the skin!). The hype for Korean products because of the actual results – it is something that works.

Discovering your skin type

The first step of Korean Beauty is all about discovering and understanding your skin type – or else you are never going to which products to use.

But the main question is – how do you even know your skin type? I used to hate going into a beauty shop and have them ask me that question in my younger days – like it was officially classified in our passports or something lol!

The main skin types are:

Normal – your skin is never too oily or too dry and tends to feel comfortable throughout the day. Your skin rarely shows any imperfections, with small pores and you have a radiant complexion.

Oily – people with oily skin usually know that they have oily skin as patches of oil will build up on the face (especially on the T-Zone area of the face). There are usually enlarged pores in this area and people can have a dull or very shiny complexion.

Dry – people with dry skin tend to feel tightness throughout the day especially after cleansing their face. There are zero to no signs of pores and in extreme cases, you can get flaking on the skin. The complexion tends to look rather dull throughout the day.

Combination – essentially some parts of the skin are both dry and oily although you will tend to find that it is usually the forehead, nose and chin are oily. This means that different parts of the skin have different needs.

Sensitive – you know that you have sensitive skin when one of the following things happen. You usually tend to have flare-ups or a reaction to very strong products. People with this type of skin need to be careful when using k-beauty products and ensure that they go for products that are specially designed for sensitive skin (as some K-beauty products can be powerful!)

Other things to think about

One thing I hate about beauty trends is that a lot of people are usually happy to follow a trend with no goals! Before starting this K-Blog journey, think about what your goal is and please let’s avoid the clichés:

“I want nice skin”

“I want my skin to look beautiful and flawless”.

You will need to define what makes skin beautiful and flawless. Although people like to throw everyone in the same department when it comes to skin – we need to recognise that it is one of the largest parts of our body and the first layer of protection our body has from any diseases. You need to ask yourself exactly what “beautiful” skin is. For someone, with acne-prone skin beautiful skin will mean no blemishes and smaller pores whilst someone in their sixties will be looking into products that keep complexion radiant and reduces wrinkles.

The Famous 10 Step Method

I will be breaking this down in future upcoming posts – however many Koreans stick to a 10-stage process when cleansing their face every morning and night. It may sound like a lot but over time you learn how to implement it into your plan. There is a 3 step and 5 step methods – however, because I want the best for your skin I am only going to provide you with the 10-step method until you complete the journey with me.

Download your 10-step sheet here!!!

Let me know any additional questions that you have in the comments below.

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