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Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Rollers

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Rollers

If you have been following the top beauty and MUA influencers online recently you may have noticed that they have been using a crystal facial roller. The aim of this post is to give you everything that you need to decide if a facial roller is a right thing for you, how to select a crystal roller and also where to buy it from.

The History of Manual Crystal Face Rollers

Although facial rollers look like a new beauty phenomenon, they have been prevalent since the 7th Century. In Imperial China, wealthy women were known to have jade facial rollers. They were thought to increase blood flow, reduce facial puffiness, help with the removal of facial toxins in the body and for those of you into Chinese spirituality – balance your Qi.

So how does this all work then?

Many people are sceptical of whether the facial rollers can achieve the claims made above so it is best to look into the science behind how it works. As a rule of thumb, it is thought that facial rollers are effective if you have previously found facial massages useful.

When you massage your face, it is known to directly affect the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is commonly referred to as the body’s natural drainage system as it assists with the removal of toxins and helps fight against infection. We won’t go into any more detail (or it will turn into a science lesson) but when you use a face roller you encourage the movement of stagnant lymph fluids to move around the face and in turn better assists your facial lymphatic system to reduce toxins in the body.

In terms of increased blood flow and reduced facial puffiness, the use of a face roller will naturally encourage your blood vessels to dilate and will have more blood coming to the surface of your skin – which in turn means more oxygen and nutrients for your face!

Other benefits include assisting with dark circles under the eyes, soothing forms of inflammation (due to the cool touch on the face roller) and of course an overall feeling of being relaxed because you are essentially massaging your face every day!

A key thing about understanding science to a beauty product is also understanding the way your body works. Some things are more effective on some people than others. For example, some people have breakouts when they use a face roller the first time due to an increase of toxins being brought to the skin surface. However, over a long period of time, you might see the positive results whilst others have claimed to see the positive effects of facial rolling immediately. If unsure, it is always best to consult with a dermatologist especially if you are dealing with skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea.

More recently, you can get non-crystal facial rollers which are designed to suit the contours of your face, electric facial rollers, and even facial rollers with micro-needling benefits

Which Crystal should I use?

When I was originally introduced to a face roller, I thought that all the different colours were just fun options – when in fact they relate to the type of crystal you use! Below I have listed the stone and indicated what it is known to do (however part of this belief will be based on how sceptical you are on crystal theory and crystal healing).

  • Jade – pale green with hues of cream

The OG stone of wellbeing – a real jade face roller will always provide a bit more resistance than the following crystals that are mentioned. Out of all the stones, it will be the coolest to touch (when you first use it!) so is recommended for those that want a balanced and youthful glow.

  • Rose Quartz – smooth light pink

Universally known as the stone of love (and the stone of self-love!). Rose quartz is associated with creating soothing and inner thoughts of peace and harmony. If you want to squeeze, soothing and positive loving thoughts into your routine – this is the way to go.

  • Amethyst – various shades of purple (should never be one tone)

The amethyst stone is related to relieving tension and stress so if your beauty and wellbeing routine is usually linked with unwinding this crystal roller is ideal. The stone’s energy is usually used for promoting clarity and relaxation.

  • Black Obsidian – smooth black tone

You may have not come across this stone and I promise you that it is not as scary as it sounds. Black obsidian is associated with toxin removal and purifying benefits further enhancing the lymphatic drainage properties.

What about my skin type in relation to the stones? I have read through quite a few articles that have mentioned that certain rollers are good for particular skin types  – however, I haven’t seen enough research or evidence that proves it so I would rather not mention fiction as fact! If you do decide to take such advice, make sure you take it with a pinch of salt.

How can you tell the difference between a real roller and a fake roller?

A crystal face roller is not a necessity to your skin regime but if you are going to add it to your daily routine – it is important that you get yourself a real one.  Below I have listed a variety of ways that you can spot a real roller:

Price – it is rare that you can get yourself an authentic crystal roller for less than £20 / 100 AED. Even at this low cost, it is likely that the roller will be something that can easily break and that the crystal is not a crystal at all or at least mixed with another material (glass or plastic).

I also do not know how to break this to you but unless your jade roller costs a few hundred pound or thousand dirhams it is very unlikely that the jade in your roller is real! Most people think they have jade when they usually have a much more affordable version of jade:

Serpentine – most used to pass off as jade but is something that is chemically treated to look that way

Malaysian Jade – heavily chemically processed and manipulated to pass off as jade

Temperature – a crystal when untouched should be cold. The temperature should always be lower than room temperature and take a while to heat up. A great test is to put the roller in the fridge so that it is cool before use. If is heats up very quickly then you have found yourself a phoney!

Air Bubbles – as mentioned before some of these “stones” are mixed with material and if you take time to observe them closely you will notice that some of them have air bubbles.

Irregular Surfaces – a stone is natural and therefore should have a slightly irregular surface. If you have time to investigate with a magnifying glass and see that there seem to be regular lines going across the surface then once again it is most likely not a real face roller.

Fading Quality – this is something that means you will not know that you have a face roller until it is too late! If the colour of your crystal fades away over time then this a great way to know that it is not real.

How do you use a roller?

There are two quite simple ways to use a roller. The first is to simply massage your face with it for 3 to 5 minutes. The second method is to use it to add your face serums and sometimes creams to your face.

If you choose the massage method, it is important to ensure that you are always making sure that you are rolling upwards and outwards – this is a great way to ensure lymphatic drainage of toxins and encourage tightening of your pores. For the smaller or more intricate areas of your face such as above the lips, the nose and under the eyes make sure that you use the smaller roller so that it is less sensitive.

Use the small side of the roller for intricate parts of your face


Make sure that you roll upwards to keep your face tight and assist lymphatic drainage


Roll outwards to assist lymphatic drainage and encourage the movement of stagnating toxins

You can also use it to apply serums but understand that serums will be better absorbed by the skin as the roller starts to heat with use (due to temporarily dilating your pores).

To make sure that the face roller is clean wash with soap and water and then dry when finished.

Where can I buy them?

I have found a few options for a different range of budgets that deliver to both the UK and UAE 🙂

If you are all about the budget but want something that is effective. I would recommend Revolution Skincare Jade or Rose Quartz rollers. I have one myself and bought it due to the good reviews that I saw online. These cost approximately £20  / 85 AED during the time in print.

If you are after a cheap Obsidian roller, I would strongly recommend the Mount Lai brand from Beauty Bay as these have had some fantastic reviews.

I have recently ordered a Skin Gym Roller (as I believe the quality is better than the Revolution option) and the reviews are amazing. As a bonus, the site warns that each roller will look different  – which makes me feel as though it is a better stone to use. There are many stones at varying prices available here.

For those of you that have no budget limitations – Net-A-Porter offer a fantastic range of facial rollers. One that really stood out to me was the Susanne Kaufman Obsidian Facial Roller retailing at £269.74 / 1,245 AED.

What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing a crystal face roller soon?

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